Alice McCall Has a New Home

The designer’s whimsical clothes are now displayed in an industrial, structured space.


Alice McCall has moved her Paddington flagship store around the corner into a larger space on Oxford Street. The last tenant was Josh Goot. “Our old store on Glenmore Road was fantastic, but far too small for demand. With the larger space, there is much more freedom to display a larger range,” says McCall. 

The designer says her team worked with the existing concrete structure by bringing in further industrial design features to enhance the space. The tubular lighting is one of her favourites. “It acts as a functioning, illuminated sculpture. It accentuates the length and height of the ceilings and makes the space feel much grander.”

McCall also says the bigger space makes her collections more aesthetically appealing. The current autumn/winter 16 drop is inspired by a mixture of folklore and futuristic elements. “I have incorporated some obvious vintage silhouettes, such as belled sleeves and flares, but there is a modern edge with the fabrics, colours and textures.”

Originally published on Broadsheet